Forever and Always: A Love Letter to My Girl

Every time I look at you, my heart leaps for joy. Whatever pressure I feel in my heart dissolves into nothingness when you hold my hand. I have never trusted anyone, and I never will, the way I trust you and I know that you are completely worth it!

You inspire me to do better, get better at things, to dream and live on. You make me feel like a good person whenever I am around you and to be honest, I really do think that you have helped me to become the better version of myself. Sometimes I feel sad because I feel I have done nothing to deserve you.

You're kind and just so so lovely. You are so so much more than these mere combinations can ever describe. You mean everything to me and when I say it please believe me because it is true. You complete me and I love you so much and always remember this!

I really want to replace my side pillow with you. You've worked alot today and I believe that a Good Night's rest is all you need my baby. My love, I love you so much.

Good Night Meri Jaan!

** Kisses All over you Face **