I want you to be with me forever

I want you to be with me forever. Doesn't matter how we met or how late we met. It's just that some people are so close to us. That all we pray is, "I need that person to be with me forever". I do the same when I think about you because it is a beautiful feeling when I have someone like you who actually knows me better, it's actually hard to spend a day without you. You were a stranger to me, and now you are my favorite person, a person closest to my heart, the person whom I actually love to talk whole day, you have always made me feel special in every way. From those little fights, those little conversations to having those laughs and memories we can never forget. You have become so important to me that whenever I try to explain, I fail. I cry, I smile, I irritate you. I get angry, I'm worse, it's all with you because I know you won't be the person who would leave me for such reasons. You know me well. You know how I always run up to you when I need someone. I always feel better when you say, "I am there for you". I had thoughts about what would happen if you ever got tired of me & leave me, please don't. Furthermore, I am sorry, can't see you getting close to someone else. You are the only person I have, with whom, I feel comfortable, you're beautiful, adorable, enthusiast and most important to me. Please be with me forever.

I love you so much💖


Yours and only yours Buttyyy