A meeting in the hotel

You re-read the note that came with the package as you ride in the private car:

“Car comes at 6:30. Guards will meet you outside. Can’t wait to see you in this. -Butt”

The tight, lace corset makes it hard to breathe and it took maybe 10 tries to get the straps on straight but I picked it out myself.

I sent nothing but the note and lingerie. So, for decency during the car ride , an overcoat on top of the corset and black pantyhose with the stilettos (high-heels) that kill your feet and I loved them so much last time, I made you keep them on the whole night of your birthday.

Who could argue? I am so convincing, you put them on again and again. Pain and all, There’s certainly a thrill about this.

You’re guided through the hotel lobby, into the elevator and onto the private floor. The guards disappear behind the elevator doors.

Room 794, 795, 796... room 797, As directed in the note.

You take a deep breath and try to knock quietly as the other boys and staff fill the other rooms.

Knock knock knock.

“Who is it?” A mocking, familiar voice asks.

“Buttyyy, Quit!”, you reprimand loudly as you bang on the door.

The door opens. “Ok ok ok, shh…”, I laughed as I pulled you by one of your hips into the room. I had no shirt, and you wish you didn't either so you can feel my skin now. I smell so good.

Before the door can close, my lips engulfed yours. Soft and closed and first, slowly opening, tongues meeting. Arms around my neck, you reach a familiar sensation of being on fire. I broke the kiss and pressed my forehead against yours with my cheeky smile and scrunched nose.

I noticed your shoes. “Ah , these again! I thought you might have thrown them away after last time.”

“They seemed to go with your gift.'', You raise your ankle up. I groaned lowly and griped your lifted ankle before it falls to the ground. “Can I see?”, I asked, gleefully anticipating.

Only in the foyer (hall) of the room, my hand pulled at the waist tie of the coat and I softly pushed the coat off your shoulders, replacing the fabric with a gentle kiss between where one of your shoulders meets your neck. The coat lands with a light thud.

“Wow.”, I said in a breath, and took steps backwards to let my body glide flush with a nearby wall. “I knew this was for you.”, I said as I soak in your image. Come here.”

It’s only a few steps, still at the entrance of the room. I turned, so now your back is against the wall. I pulled both your hands above your head and held you to the wall. I let my gaze sweep you from head to toe.

“You look so good.”, I said while squeezing at your cinched waist.

Placing little kisses on your neck and chest, you began to sink into me. My hands roam over your hips and ass, gripping over black pantyhose.

I slid my hand over your clothed crevice, sending tingles down your spine.

You’re puzzled when I used one hand to pull down the sheer fabric. I released your wrists and grasps the fabric with both hands, and you hear a short rip. Before you can begin to scold me, I slipped a magical fingertip in the rip and swiped at your opening. You blush when the knowing grin stretches across my face, knowing how wet you are already.

“Just curious.”, I teased, faces so close you can feel my breath on your skin. “You’ve been excited.”, I said with a shy smile, licking the liquid off my fingers.

“I’ve been excited since the moment I opened that box”, you reply.

I pulled my pants down just enough and with that, I tear the opening harder and ripped the hose wide open. You gasp when suddenly you’re hoisted off the ground and nearly slammed against the wall. I lined up my cock and quickly buried myself deep inside. Your arms drape around my shoulders.

“All this and you show up soaking wet for me too, baby? How did I get so lucky?”

You can only manage to mutter my name. My hands are pinned to the undersides of your thighs, and I used the rest of my body to hook you to the wall. You adjust to the sudden stretch and after a few thrusts, your bodies are squelching together. You dig fingernails into my back as I grind deep into you.

I moved in you slow but deep, rolling my hips every time I meet the hilt. I raised you up slowly and pushed you down again.

“Oh my god... oh my god, Buttyyy.”, you whimper as your body catches up to mine.

Legs wrapped around me, I pushed off the wall and stumbled to a nearby chair with you still on my lap. You’re halfway to ruined but you've barely made it all the way into the room.

I tugged the bra and straps of the corset, fighting to expose more of your skin.

“Ugh how does this thing work?”

You laughed watching me struggle to pull and tug anywhere to get it loose.

“The straps are…”, you begin to explain.

“...Got it.” In my own way, I figured it out before you can even offer to help.

I managed to loosen it enough to free your breasts and give them a squeeze.

In response, you clench yourself around me, grating against my cock.

You secure your arms around my neck and begin to bounce, setting a punishing pace.

I laid my head back on the headrest and watched you panting with glazed, hooded eyes.

“Mmph...You need to slow down.”, I said as I griped your hips to slow your tempo.

“You started it.”, you smugly reply as you tug at a fistful of my hair and increase your ride on me.

My eyes rolled backward before I grabbed you tight and slide to the edge of the chair onto the ottoman to be able to move better beneath you. I leaned back slightly, creating a delicious new angle that made your legs tremble.

I whispered beneath you. “Fuck, your pussy is so good, bhaloo.”

You're creaming on my lap at the words.

You pant and groan until your orgasms crash into each other and you feel the delight of my cock pulsing inside you.

When we've both caught our breath, I lifted you both off the soaked chair and walked to lay you flat on the bed. I removed the shoes and loose clothes from your body. I kissed the swollen red marks on your feet and climbs up to lay my head on your chest.