I want you💕

I want to touch you. Feel your skin on my skin. Taste the pulse in your neck. Lie with you atop me, beside me, underneathe me, so we can feel what it would be like to be with each other. I want to enjoy your body without taking the last and final step.

To go to the very edge with you. To feel you wrapped around me. Not all the way. Not inside you. But to the edge. To the point where it can still be our secret. But you have left me clueless and I miss the intimacy between your legs, I miss how you changed the ambience for me, sight, scent, taste, touch, sound. I miss feeling your body unravel underneathe the sheets, playfully biting my neck, leaving a trail all over,in case we get lost.

I love watching your body twirl to my movement, feeling the rush of adernaline, being bound up and straddled, being caressed and explored. Setting off the drapes and tugging you in closer, fingers interwining, pausing for breathes, all I remember, was how real you and I were for a moment. Now slowly sinking into oblivision.