I love that you love

I can't sleep but I'm writing this so you can read it when you want to. When you're reading this I'll probably be sleeping.

I wanted to remind you of how much i love you. You literally mean so much to me. I've become so attched to you. I'm literally teriffied of having to lose you. I've never felt like this for any one and I dont see myself with anybody else but you. You're the only one I want and will forever want. You're the one i wanna marry and have kids with. Ugh I love everything about you. The way you treat me, how nice you are, you smile, you're beautiful lips, beautiful eyes, perfect face, cute laugh, perfect body, your personality, the way you look at me, the way you hug me, how you make me feel safe when i hug you, I love your kisses, your touch, I love when you get jealous because it makes me feel you only want me to yourself lol, i love it when you're weird, i love when you play around me and hit me sometimes, I love how you're understanding, i love the way you are, i love how I forget everyting when i'm with you, I love when you're obsessive, i love when you're clingy and protective. I just love that you love.